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Choreography Solutions. On Demand

Have you ever found an adorable, can’t-live-without it costume only to be stumped by what song to pair it with? 

Or perhaps you have experienced that moment when a preschool recital dance turns into 4 minutes of kids searching for their “spot”? 

What about that time when your preschool teacher quit a month before the recital and took her notes and music with her? 

As studio owners, these are all things you have likely encountered when dealing with recital dances for 3-5 year olds. But there is a better way….

Your stress-free recital is as easy as 1-2-3: 

1. Purchase stage worthy choreography & music edits from TSD NOW and the coordinating costume from Revolution Dancewear.

2. Get access to your new TSD account to within 48 hours to unlock your age appropriate and proven recital choreography. No rush! You’ll have access for 12 months.

3. Share with instructors and watch your littlest dancers shine! Learning the dance is easy with our revolutionary video learning system. 

Introducing Twinkle Star Dance NOW - Choreography Solutions. On Demand.


$69.99 - 1 dance

$99.00 - 2 dances

$129.00 - 3 dances


Chances are you are going to love the quality and convenience of purchasing your preschool choreography, music edit, and costumes together so much - just one dance won’t be enough! The more dances you bundle together, the more you save.


Select the dance(s) you wish to purchase

Get access within 48 hours to age appropriate and proven recital choreography

Share with instructors

Watch your littlest dancers SHINE!

*Streaming Video Access to Recital Choreography Videos 12 months. Orders received by 3pm EST will be delivered the same day. All orders after 3pm EST will be available the next business day.